How much internet speed do I need?

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Your Internet needs to be a minimum of 7-10 MBPS Download and 1-3 MBPS upload.

If your home is filled with the latest bandwidth-draining devices, then you need a router that can keep up with your demands. From watching YouTube videos and playing the latest online games to downloading music and streaming movies, these demanding wireless activities require a fast, strong wireless connection to avoid dreaded lagging and buffering at least 10 mbps, however people with 5 mbps even 3 mbps have reported no issues at all, some people with 100 mbps face connection problems, best way to test use your cell phone as a hot spot and connect your box to your phones hot spot, and try for a minute. however that might consume your data.

Please note that speed is not everything. Sometimes your ISP may be the root of the problem.

For testing your line quality, go to
For testing your line speed, go to

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